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A virtual world for making a real difference
Give to charities and NGOs with the power of blockchain and get a clear picture of the good you do.
As seen in...
Carbon removed
21.77 kg
One Tree Planted
"Really excited to see Betterverse using new, innovative technology for good."
Alan Wilson
Director of More:Trees

Mida Creek & Kijabe Forest

Price / tree
How it works
Make your contribution
Pick a project you care about, make your contribution and track the real-world impact from carbon sequestration and biodiversity to social impact.*

*Impact measured using estimated charity data models.
Crypto or cash
Connect your crypto wallet or pay in fiat
Secure and visible
Your contribution is secured on-chain
95% to charity
We take 5% to build our platform
Carbon removed
27.13 kg
One Tree Planted
Ontario, Canada
How it works
Receive your Virtual Tree
Your contribution generates a unique virtual collectable tree which represents the story and real world impact of your donation.
Truly impactful
See the real good your tree is doing
Infinitely unique
Discover species, fungi and more
Gradually growing
From sapling to adult to ancient
How it works
Discover infinite variety
Every digital tree minted is procedurally generated, unique and yours to trade, or keep forever. Watch it grow over three months.
4 Biomes
16 Species
4 Fungi
16 Foliage Palettes
9 Trunk Palettes
9 Ground Palettes
9 Fungi Palettes
3 Growth Stages
Explore a world of good
View other people’s impact, take part in virtual events and pool contributions or compete with friends.
Projects from the world's top charities
Boost your tree's growth speed
Show off to friends, family and followers
Create contribution pools with friends
Betterverse Explore
| Coming Soon

Trees are just the beginning

We’re rolling out things gradually, but eventually you’ll be able to donate to any cause you care about. Soon we'll be releasing an interactive map where you can track every contribution and project across the globe.
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Why donate with Betterverse?
A better way of giving
Doing good at its most transparent and rewarding.

Better for charities

Reach new demographics and add incentive for giving

Better for

Get more for your contribution and see the good you've done

Better for Earth

Get insights on impact and grow your giving over time
Why donate with Betterverse?
Using blockchain for good
Normally when you donate to charity, it can be unclear what happens next. With Web 3.0, you get the full story while ensuring your money works as hard as possible.

Bettercoin $BTRC

Our in-house token is used to power our ecosystem and represent real good.
Litepaper (coming soon)

Contact us

Need some support or got a general question?

Get in touch with us via the contact form or email our team directly.

Over the coming months we’ll also be publishing articles and FAQs that may help with any questions you have about our donation platform, metaverse or company.

We've now officially opened up Closed Beta Access. If you'd like to be one of the first 50 people to donate and receive a Betterverse Virtual Tree, put your email in the contact form and select "Closed Beta Access" under the enquiry dropdown.

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Make your donation

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Make your donation

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We’re starting with seasons themed around specific causes, but eventually you’ll be able to donate to any cause you care about – whether a long-term charity initiative or rapid distaster relief. By December you’ll be able to explore a fully immersive and interactive metaverse, full of the good things people are up to.
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Charities or NGOs interested in working with us, get in touch with our partnerships team!

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